Bluegrass United Academic Center Electives

A Program of Bluegrass United


Welcome to the web site of Bluegrass United Academic Center Electives, a program of Bluegrass United. 

Bluegrass United Academic Center Electives are designed for high school home school students. If registering for the Fall 2022 semester, students must be at least 14 years of age by Oct. 1, 2022, regardless of grade level. Younger students are not permitted to enroll in BUAC Electives.   

BUAC Electives is held on Thursday afternoons at Tates Creek Christian Church, 3150 Tates Creek Rd., Lexington, KY. 

BUAC Electives is a Christian program where instruction and student behavior are expected to be compatible with Biblical ideals. The program has been developed to provide assistance to the self-disciplined and self-organized homeschooled teen. BUAC Electives is a transitional program designed for students ready to move from parent-directed home education to self-directed cooperative learning. BUAC Electives utilizes a university-style model of instruction and operation where students are responsible for their own education. To succeed in this environment, students must be prepared, attentive, mature, independent, and free from distraction. Homeschool parents should note that BUAC Electives strives to provide a safe, wholesome, and supportive program where homeschool teens can learn and interact well, but does not strictly monitor and control the individual or the overall environment. Families seeking a more controlled environment typical of homeschool co-ops that serve younger children are encouraged to avoid or delay enrollment in BUAC Electives. For a more detailed explanation of this program model, along with the BUAC Electives guidelines and expectations, see the "BUAC Expectations" page on this website. 

BUAC Electives is one of many student programs offered by Bluegrass United. To find out more about Bluegrass United, visit may sign up for the BU News, the email newsletter of Bluegrass United, on the home page of the BU website. All BU events, registrations, auditions, and athletic team tryouts are announced via the BU News.